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Janet Moore Nursing Resume AREAS OF EXPERTISE Care planning Administering medication Infection control Managing accidents and emergencies Health screening Promoting healthy living Coaching skills
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within the team environment, while ensuring high quality. A person with the ability to manage patients with an effective mix of theory, practice and theory combined with a real-life application and understanding of the clinical context. This person must have a minimum of 5 years' relevant work experience in a nursing profession, in areas of specialisation, within an appropriate nursing team environment, and within a team with a dedicated and compassionate attitude to patients. The applicant must also be able to demonstrate a well developed understanding of the principles and concepts of the English language. The applicant in a highly motivated and able to make and implement practical decisions within a team environment. Diversity and Inclusion Statement This position is open to all races, nationalities, colors, ethnicities, ages, disabilities and sexual orientations. All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. Please see job posting for details. Posted 12/23/16 Job Description The Division of Rehabilitation works with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to provide safe and affordable health care to its patients. The Division provides this care under the authority of a comprehensive master agreement with UPMC. The position entails providing inpatient rehabilitation program and outpatient rehabilitation on a voluntary basis to patients who will be admitted for the day. This role represents a unique and collaborative work environment, involving the rehabilitation program team, the health care team, the UPMC physician and support staff, and the patient's family. This position is a non-competitive, fixed term contract position for one year at the salary and fringe benefit pay scale of $43,000 plus benefits, which includes medical, dental and vision insurance benefits. The ideal candidate must have completed a high school diploma or GED level education with a minimum of 120 semester hours (1,080 hours minimum) of coursework, and one year of graduate study. The candidate also must have successfully completed the University of Pittsburgh's online MS in Education (MS ED) in Nursing. Applicants must be able to meet an active duty period of at least 3 months. The ideal candidate will have a stable and full-time work history as a health care professional. This means job stability, at least a minimum of three months of full time work for an employer, no less than six months of part-time work, and at least 1,200 hours of job experience or a reference letter by interview day. The ideal candidate must be able to work from home,

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Hey everyone this is Sarah with register nurse RN comm, and today we're going to go over how to brush up your nursing resume if you're looking to switch jobs or your new nurse graduate entering the nursing profession the very first step you have to do before you start applying to jobs is make sure that you have a stunning resume in that I mean that you need to have your resume looking the best it can look by using a professional design, and you have the needed information included to show that employer hey I'm qualified for this job and hire me, so I'm going to go over how to do those things and where you can get some free resume templates and premium resume templates off of our website so let's get started the first thing is design it's all about judging a book by its cover you want to use a professional template this is so important, and I didn't realize how important it was until I talked to a hiring manager she asked she told me that she had received over 100 resumes, and she only had five positions available, and she said that whenever she was looking through those resumes the ones that ended up getting the interview were the ones who had professional colorful nice resume templates because those are the ones that caught her eye she said she had a hard time going through all a hundred of them and the ones that were just the black and white standard ones she would just gloss over but the ones that were had nice colors nice designs she ended up giving those the interview and ended up giving them the job so it's so important you have a really nice template design next you want to make sure you use colors that stand out I don't mean use colors like all the colors of the rainbow but use Co a color scheme that complements things like for instance reds and blues those are really nice colors that are going to jump out at that employers eye whenever they're looking through your resume, so you want colors that will catch their attention just not black and white next always include with your resume a matching cover letter the cover letter is just a paragraph to the employer them how you are qualified for the position how you can help their company and that you're ready to jump aboard the team and that you hope that they can give you an interview it's like a sales pitch in a paragraph to the employer and this is one page, and it's included with the resume, and typically you want your cover letter and your resume to match and design next use easy fonts that are you spawns that are easy to read no larger than 12-point or smaller than 12-point, but there is an exception your name you want your name on your resume template to be the biggest thing on there because whenever the employer is looking through your resume they want to say hey this is Sarah Smith's resume, and they don't have to look for the name because that is going to be engraved in their mind hey that was that Sarah Smith girl I'm going to look at her resume again because that name jumped out...


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